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Being married to one of the wittiest person on the planet Earth, 53-years old Elaine Chappelle is living the dream of many. What’s more to this Filipino descent WAG is it isn’t the laughs she is only enjoying from her better-half, there’s an exuberant life she lives on with staying in a 65-acre farmhouse with her husband and kids. This one’s just one of it, there’s much more of perks and privilege of being a wife to celebrating having a net worth over $40 million. Dave Chappelle’s wife, Elaine Chappelle is a housewife, who actually stays miles away from the limelight. The article below ”Dave Chappelle Wife – Who is Wife of Dave Chappelle? Facts You Don’t Know” contains everything you need to know about her.

Dave Chappelle Wife - Who is Wife of Dave Chappelle? Facts You Don't Know

Dave Chappelle Wife Name: Elaine Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Wife Age: 53- Years

Dave Chappelle Wife Nationality: American

Dave Chappelle Wife Religion: NA

Dave Chappelle Wife Descent: Filipino-American

Dave Chappelle Wife Height: 5 feet 1 inches

Dave Chappelle Wife Occupation: Housewife

Dave Chappelle Wife Net Worth: NA

Dave Chappelle Marriage

Elaine’s partnership with Dave made it to the limelight after the couple was seen together at a picnic in Ohio along with their kids. It should be noted here that the comedian has been long in love with this sizzling Filipino-American and finally took things to another level with tying the knot with her back in 2001. As it is said that there’s always a woman behind every successful man, so is the case with one of the best comedian in the US history. Elaine have always been there with the massive support for her, even though but not publically but the onboard Netflix comedian has been quite vocal about the positive influence of her wife on his career.


Dave Chappelle Wife House

Elaine is not a working lady or celebrity, the king size 65-acre house in Ohio cornfields she lives in is of her beloved husband.  With the understanding between the couple, it seems Elaine is quite free to make her choices regarding cars and purchases of real estate. It’s actually the 17-years long (still going relation) between the stand-up comedian and the petite Filipino, which has been up with so positives that couple is living an ideal with their kids.

Dave Chappelle Wife Children

Elaine and Dave are blessed with three kids, which includes two sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, and a daughter named Sonal. Both the sons are in their teenage and are often seen accompanying father at outings.

Dave Chappelle Wife - Who is Wife of Dave Chappelle? Facts You Don't Know

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle

Dave have been working in the television and film industry for long, and he’s actually been revolutionizing things with introducing broader genres into the field of stand-up comedy. But what if I tell the popularity graph went on sky-rocketing after he got married to Elaine, back in 2001. It isn’t that she made him famous, she actually turned out a lucky go for the rising comedian of the time, and now over the years, she have stood tall with him as he got on winning prestigious Grammy award and Emmy as well.

Interesting Facts about Elaine Chappelle

She is New Yorker

The 5 feet 1 inch Filipina hails from Brooklyn, New York and if the sources aren’t wrong she has spent most of his time in the same city while growing up.

Dave Chappelle terms Elaine Asian

The Netflix comedy star talking about multi-cultural family in an interview told that: “My wife is Asian, and my kids have somehow turned out to be Puerto Rican… My mother is half white. If I grew my hair out, you would think it was a Katt Williams concert.”

Elaine Chappelle Religion

Dave Chappelle converted to Islam back in 1998 from Christianity but it isn’t sure that what religion Elayne actually goes on with. It should be noted here that all three of their kids are named Muslim names.

Dave Chappelle Wife - Who is Wife of Dave Chappelle? Facts You Don't Know

Elaine Chappelle outsmarted Dave

The Asian beauty once asked her husband that what else profession he would actually be up with if he won’t be a comedian. The star comedian who is known for his wit and abrupt replies was like speechless for a while as he responded as this is the only thing he thought he would have been doing as this is what he’s doing since his teenage.

Wannabe Chef

Since her young, she always wanted to be a professional chef.  Although, this hasn’t come true as of now but she is doing really well in the kitchen with her family; fitness speaks for it.




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