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While watching our favorite athletes, awed by their amazing skills and their command on the field, we often question the origin of their talent. The countless hours of practice and exercise they have put in to get that good is one obvious answer. But one other thing also plays a huge role in the success of that athlete. That is the family and the genes of that athlete. Through the process of evolution through generation to generation, the best qualities are taken in and the bad ones are filtered out. And if some of our ancestors happen to be very good at sports, there is quiet a chance that we too would be great at the sport. Many other attributes like height, also play a huge part in the success of an athlete and that is specifically dependent on the height of our forefathers. So to explore the secrets behind the talents of David Luiz in Football, we have to take a look at the David Luiz Family Tree. So let’s just jump into it. Here ”David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More” gives you complete sketch of his family and relations.

David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

David Luiz Family Tree

David Luiz is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a Center Back and a Defensive Midfielder for the English club called Chelsea and the Brazillian National Team. His full name is David Luiz Moreira Marinho and he has come a long way from his home in Brazil to be one of the most successful footballers in the world. David Luiz owes a lot of his success as a footballer to his father who used to be an amateur footballer. His father used to train him since he was very young that made him really good with the football. As soon as he realized the talents of his son, he dedicated most of his time in helping his son to develop and master the raw talents of his son. David was the second child and the only son to his parents. He has now proven his talents to the world by becoming the most expensive defender in the football history. He was transferred to the Chelsea in a deal for 50 million euros. He has millions of fans around the world who wear wigs like the fuzzy hair of their favorite footballer out of respect.

David Luiz Ethnicity

David Luiz is a really skilled footballer and he has proven his worth to the world by performing remarkably in several matches throughout his career. He was born and raised in Brazil and he moved to Portugal when he was teenager to further his career as a footballer. David Luiz is of a Colonial Ethnicity. Along with his Brazilian nationality, he also has a Portuguese nationality which was awarded to him during his starting years as a footballer in Portugal. Many people even have raised questions like, “How is David Luiz white when his father is black?” Well, as a matter of fact, his father isn’t fully black himself. His father has a mixed ethnicity including black, Portuguese, and European. And so does David Luiz.

David Luiz Parents

David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MoreDavid Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

  • David Luiz Father’s Name:

Ladislau Marinho is the proud father of the Brazilian football star who has guided his son all the way through his career. Ladislau Marinho wanted to be a professional footballer himself. He was an amateur footballer with a passion to play for the national team. But in the old times, when it came to make the change, there wasn’t just enough money to get all the necessary equipment and training. David’s father actually got to the brink of being chosen in the first team of Atletico Mineiro and saw his dream shatter before his own eyes. When Ladislau Marinho saw the raw potential in his son, he was motivated to make it happen for his son. As David Luiz recalls his childhood, he remembers that his father used to say to him,
“This is for you, it was not for me. I will live this with you.”

Mr. Ladislau was a school teacher and was very good with the kids. The Brazilian defender is really grateful for all the things that his dad has done for him. He is not involved in any sort of scandals and is known for being a really good friend and an honorable athlete. And according to his own words, he wasn’t always like this. It was all because of his dad’s teachings. In an interview, David Luiz revealed what his dad said to him in his childhood that changed his life.
“I remember the first time I said a bad word in front of my sister, my dad sat me down at the table. I had a different attitude then, not the right attitude. ‘What do you want for your life?’ he asked. I said I wanted to play football. He said. ‘No. First you must become a good human. I want you to become a footballer, too. But first you must be a good human, with honesty, character, dignity.”

  • David Luiz Mother’s Name:

Regina Célia Marinho is the amazing women who gave birth to the Brazilian football star and she was also a school teacher just like David’s father. She is the motivator who enables David Luiz to push his boundaries and step up the game. With her love and teachings, Regina has raised David as a gentleman who cares for the feelings of other people and takes responsibility for his actions. David is the sort of man who is liked and respected by everyone in his team. In an interview, David Luiz recalled a particular lesson from his mother that,
“People are people. Any person, from the janitor until the head boss, everyone deserves a ‘good morning’. If the garbage man does the wrong thing, I’m going to argue with him as I’m going to argue with the mayor and anybody that does the wrong thing.”

In David Luiz family, his mom is a firm believer in Christianity and she is a woman of faith. She believes in love, hope and forgiveness. She doesn’t like when people bully others and don’t forgive any mistakes. Instead they drag the people who did one single mistake, just to make themselves look better. When the Paris-Saint German lost the Champion’s League to Barcelona 3 to 1, David Luiz came under fire when Luis Suarez humiliated him twice by nutmegging him when he was on the way to score and then scoring two amazing goals for the team. David’s mother took on her Instagram and this is what she had to say,
“I have a son and I always will! His head held high, with a ball at his feet. God knows everything! Jesus is fighting for us until this day and yet we still have people who judge! Who are we to judge you! I will always love you after the good games, and even more after those that don’t go well!”

David Luiz Siblings

David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MoreDavid Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

  • David Luiz Sister

In David Luiz family, he is the second child and the only son. He has an older sister whose name is Isabelle Moreira Marinho. She is a wonderful person just like all the rest of her family. David’s sister also has a huge influence on his life and career as she is not only a sister but a best friend to the Brazilian star. Isabelle and David used to spend a lot of quality time together. They know each other very well and they consider each other’s advice every time before making a big decision in their lives.

David Luiz Relationships

  • David Luiz Girlfriend

David’s mom answered the fan inquiries about David’s marriage and relationships that he will not marry anyone till he is 28 or 29 and therefore has no intentions of embarking on a relationship yet. And she also said the she thinks that David should only get married when he is finally retired. These s by his mom fueled many rumors that David Luiz was still a virgin. After a few days in an interview, David Luiz had to confront that question and he said that everyone is wrong. He has had more than one girlfriend in the past and he’s definitely not virgin. Soon after, the internet people dived in to find the lucky woman who was in love with David. As it turns out, David Luiz has been dating Sara Madeira for a long time. The couple started seeing each other in 2008 and have been together for a decade now. Sara Madeira is a music artist who is on the journey to get recognized. Whenever she has the chance, she comes to see her honey boo dominate the field.

David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MoreDavid Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

David Luiz Children

The Brazilian football star doesn’t have any children yet, but he thinks a lot about them. In fact, a lot of his charity work is done for the children. According to David, “if you don’t think about children, you shorten your life.” We often see him with different children in a happy mode. As you can see in below picture.

David Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MoreDavid Luiz Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More


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