El Charro Y La Mayrita Net Worth – $10 Million

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El Charro Y La Mayrita Wiki

ElCharro and la Mayrita are popular social media stars. They have a huge fan following on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

La Mayrita is known for gorgeous looks, beautiful smile, and style. She does comedy video clips, dancing clips, and lip-syncs on Tiktok.

Who is La Mayrita?

La Mayrita is an Ecuadorian social media sensation. She started to popularity through a daily vlog named La Mayrita. The vlog is a mixture of her daily activities and beauty tips.

Through her vlogs, she realized that she has a huge fan following. Due to her enormous popularity, she was offered to do movie projects, her first movie is in Ecuador. Her first movie is set to premiere this 2018. Do you know Where is Dede Raad New House?

She has a special set of followers, her followers always share their comments about her on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Also read Veronica Perasso Net Worth 2021, Income, Instagram, Age, Family, Wife, Wiki.

Her husband’s name is el Charro, he is known for his abs and black beard, people say he looks like David Beckham.

La Mayrita Early Life

Her name is Dalia (which is romanized as Lalia), her birth name which she uses is Dalia Dossi. She was born in Vicente López, a northern city in Spain. She is the youngest of three sisters.

She was working as a newsreader for a local radio station in Segovia when she did her first lip-sync video in June 2015. Her first video, the so-called “fiesta dia de Los Viernes” (Friday party), was a hit and had over 1 million views.

Her father is of Libyan descent and her mother is of Spanish descent. Her mother is an architect while her father is a retired engineer. They moved to Venezuela from Lebanon in 1969.

When her parents married, they adopted her sisters, Ryno, Farah, and Rika.

La Mayrita career

La Mayrita started in 2018 and she is popular because of her dancing which was later joined by her husband El Charro. She can dance and has good singing skills. Her YouTube channel is her most popular channel. Her clip has more than 200 thousand views and many comments are for her.

El Charro Y La Mayrita net worth

El Charro Y La Mayrita Net Worth is as huge as the celebrity does. El Charro Y La Mayrita net worth is $10 million. La Mayrita El Charro has a huge fan following on social media networks. Her personality in social media is amazing. She has a huge fan following with millions of fans all over the world. Her fan following grew with her millions of videos on Tiktok, she is also one of the most trending Tiktok artists.

She has one of the highest-earning personalities on Tiktok. Her personality in Tiktok is huge and that has increased her Tiktok followers.

She has received 10.1 million followers on her Instagram. Her social media user base increased to 8.2 million. That has increased her Instagram earnings.


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