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The first lady of Florida from 1999-2007, Columba Bush is the wife of the former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush.  Hailing from a humble background in Mexico’s rural area, Columba got on to become part of one of the most powerful political dynasties in America ‘Bush’ after she tied the knot with Jeb Bush, second son of former President George H. W. Bush and younger brother of former President George W. Bush. Former First lady of Florida has got some strong connection with her Hispanic roots and that’s why he also presented a speech for his father-in-law and husband’s election speech in Spanish, for the audience of this specific language. Have a look on below article to know more about Jeb Bush Wife.

Columba Bush: Who is Jeb Bush Wife? Personal Life Unknown Facts

Columba Bush: Who is Jeb Bush Wife? Personal Life Unknown Facts

Jeb Bush Wife Name: Columba Bush
Jeb Bush Wife Age: 64
Jeb Bush Wife Date of Birth (DOB): August 17, 1953
Jeb Bush Wife Nationality: Naturalized U.S. citizen since 1979
Jeb Bush Wife Occupation: First lady of Florida from 1999-2007

Jeb Bush Wife Wiki

Columba Bush who stands tall as the ruling as the First Lady of Florida two consecutive tenures from 1999-2007 as her husband went on winning it comprehensively has no interest in politics in her own. And that is one of the reasons even belonging to such a high-profile political family of America, Columba is nowhere to be seen in the limelight. Although, she had been the trump card for the Bush-family as her Hispanic roots were good enough to make sure the Hispanic community remains on their side to quite a much extent.  During tenure as the First Lady of Florida, her role in promoting arts and intimidating youth about the troubles of drugs is regarded commendable by the political analysts.


Jeb Bush wife Early Life

Jeb Bush’s wife didn’t open up her eyes in some Royal family or had the silver spoon in her hand right away. She hailed from Leon city, which is around 250 miles northwest of Mexico City and got her early education done from the Catholic school of there.  The daughter of a farmer, José María Garnica Rodríguez from the poor rural town of Arperos, Guanajuato went on seeing the wrecked up family from quite the early age as she was only three when her father abandoned the family and age 10 she lived alone with her mother following her parents’ divorce.  It should be noted here that Columba’s mother was a victim of domestic violence and that means she had a disturbed childhood.

Jeb Bush and Columba Bush – Love Story

Columba Bush: Who is Jeb Bush Wife? Personal Life Unknown Facts

The love-story of Jeb Bush and Columba Bush is said to be the real depiction of Cinderella tale as Columba hailing from a humble background in Mexico’s rural area went on winning the heart of Jeb Bush, who hailed from the string political family. What it all was merely a love at first sight for Jeb, who at 17 was there in the small nearby village of Ibarrilla in Mexico to teach English as the second language.  The scion of the strong political family met Columba through mutual’s and several days after he asked her for a date.  Describing the whole of it, Jeb in interview years back told: “I fell madly in love with her, literally love at first sight. Whatever I was doing beforehand, I vaguely remember. But my life got really organized after that.”

Jeb Bush Marriage with Columba Bush

Years after first meeting in between Jeb and Columba in 1970 in a small village approximately 250 miles away from Mexico, things developed with decent pace and finally they tied the knot in 1974. The wedding ceremony took place on February 23, 1974, in Austin, Texas at the chapel in the Catholic student centre of the University of Texas.  The wedding sermon was conducted the Spanish language as Columba was unable to speak English at that time.



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