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While watching your favorite athletes do amazing things on the field and dominating the game with their formidable skills, we often wonder, what’s the secret behind so much talent? What makes them stand out and what makes them so good at what they do? Well, the first logical reason behind their skill is hours and hours of dedication and training. But the other big reason for any athlete is his support system which comprises of his family and friends. Sports are hard and making a career in sports is harder. It’s definitely not a choice for many of us but those who chose to bet their life for the game they love, they need to be appreciated and cheered on by their family. And if we study the cases of many successful athletes over the years, we can see that they are grateful for only two things, the opportunity they got to play sports and the support they got from their family to love what they do. In today’s case, Philippe Coutinho family played a huge part in making him the world’s second most expensive transfer and a really successful athlete. Here is everything you need to know about Philippe Coutinho family tree.

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MorePhilippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

Philippe Coutinho is the Brazilian footballer who became the world’s second most expensive Association Football Transfer in 2018. The famous footballer was transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona for €122 million. Now he plays as an attacking mid fielder for the FC Barcelona, which is a world famous Spanish football club with millions of fans around the world. Philippe Coutinho was born on 12 June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The player weighed 3.1 killo grams at the time of his birth. His father’s name is Jose Carlos Correia, who is an architect while his mother’s name is Esmerelda Coutinho who is a house wife. Philippe Coutinho is the third and last child among his siblings. His full name is actually Philippe Coutinho Correia while Coutinho is the first family name from his mother’s side and Correia is the second family name from his father’s side. This might be a slight unusual convention but it is a part of the Portuguese naming customs.

Philippe Coutinho Ethnicity

Philippe Coutinho’s ethnic background is multiracial. He was born and raised in the Northern Rocha district of Rio and his humble house was located between industrial warehouses and a shanty old town. The famous Brazilian star used to play with his two elder brothers and their friends. Due to the lack of space and a wide play ground, his skills improvised as a player and he dedicated all his time to futsal. The confines of his space became a new set of rules and the streets of his poor little town became his playground. His family pushed him to join a local club. The footballer proved himself multiple times on several occasions and one day, the coaches at Vasco da Gama approached his father who advised him to join their youth system. And this is how the story got started.

Philippe Coutinho Parents

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MorePhilippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

  • Philippe Coutinho Father’s Name:

Jose Carlos Correia is the proud father of the successful footballer who recently took over the football world with his 120 million euro transfer to Barcelona from Liverpool. Jose Carlos is an architect by profession and he used to work two to three jobs just to make sure that all the needs of his growing star would be met. Philippe was raised between a really old shanty town and an industrial warehouse in the northern Rocha district of Rio. Coutinho grew up in a middle class household which was almost pushed to poverty due to bad economic conditions and very low wages in Brazil. Coutinho was a very shy boy in his childhood and when he developed a skill on the field for football, his father had to help him grow. The grandmother of a friend suggested his father that he should get his son enrolled with a local football club not let the raw talent waste any further. Jose didn’t wait any longer and signed his son with a local club. It was all because of Jose Carlos’s efforts and love for his youngest son that made Philippe Coutinho what he is today.

  • Philippe Coutinho Mother’s Name:

The other most important person in Philippe Coutinho’s life is his mother, Dona Esmeralda Coutinho. Coutinho is really close to his mother and shares every secret with her. Her love for his son has kept him going through difficult times. Philippe Coutinho is the kind of a man who always keeps his family first. His family is the motivation for him that keeps him going. Philippe Coutinho’s mother has played a huge part in many of the Coutinho’s victories. When Coutinho was still at the Liverpool, they lost terribly to the Manchester United. And the Liverpool coach found the best way to motivate the players. He used to read a letter from each player’s mother before the match. And when Liverpool faced Manchester United again in 2017, it was the Coutinho’s mother’s letter that motivated them to a remarkable victory. In an interview with CNN, this is what Coutinho had to say about the letter from his mum:

“At first, I didn’t know that the manager would be reading a letter from her, then he mentioned her name and I was really overwhelmed. It said she loved me, is proud of me, is always with me and missing me. There was more, but those are just the words I needed to hear. It filled me up. The other players were also really moved because every week, regardless of whose mother it was with the message, we were all inspired and emotional. We were getting really strong, powerful words and it pushed us so much.”


Philippe Coutinho Siblings

  • Philippe Coutinho Brothers:

Philippe is the youngest of the three siblings in the Coutinho family and the most adored one as well. The names of Philippe Coutinho’s elder brothers are Leandro Coutinho and Cristian Coutinho. Like most of the children in Brazil, the three brothers always dreamed of becoming celebrated football stars. They didn’t have access to a proper football ground. All they had is a concrete pitch. And they were the kids with a ball. So they got invested in laying Futsal and challenged other kids to play against them. Philippe’s brothers were the ideals, he looked up to and that was all what he wanted to be like. But Philippe outgrew his brothers far ahead while his brothers couldn’t make the cut. Both Leandro and Cristian diverted their attention to a different career and both of them are competent lawyers now.

Philippe Coutinho Relationships

  • Philippe Coutinho Wife:

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MorePhilippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

The Brazilian football star is not only a very responsible player, but a very good and loyal husband. The story of Philippe Coutinho and his wife Aine de Souza, has become a famous love story among the players. Coutinho was a very shy boy and he could not even talk to girls. He met his future at a party and when they started chatting, they sat there for hours just talking about stuff. Aine took it on herself to ask Philippe if he would be her boyfriend. Philippe immediately said yes and they started to hang out together more and more. They relationship grew stronger and when Philippe moved to Italy, Aine moved with him at just the age of 17, leaving everything behind to start a new life with her love. Aine and Philippe are still a very happy couple together and she never misses a chance to see her husband own the game. She is always there in the audience cheering for him and he always blows a kiss in her direction when he kicks the ball into the goal. When asked about how they met, Philippe had this to say,

“We didn’t study together, we didn’t really have mutual friends, except for one, who had a party and we both went to it. We met there and sat together for a long time just talking. We liked each other and we were both trying to show that to one another, but nothing was happening. She is not as shy so she asked me to be her boyfriend,” he jokes. “There wasn’t really a moment where we were like, ‘okay we are together now.’ We’re from the same neighborhood and so we just started seeing more and more of each other, going places together and it grew deeper and stronger.”

Philippe Coutinho Children

  • Philippe Coutinho Daughter:

Philippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & MorePhilippe Coutinho Family Tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings, Biography & More

The Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho is blessed with a beautiful daughter named Maria Coutinho. The little princess was born on 22 December 2015, just before the Christmas. Philippe and Aine are all in love with their daughter. And here’s a little fact, to keep their three year old daughter smiling and happy, Philippe has carved a Micky Mouse tattoo on his chest. While the mum Aine has a Minnie tattoo on her arm to please her little devil.

  • Philippe Coutinho Son:

Philippe is also a proud father of a little devil who shares his name. The Philippe Coutinho Jr. is about two years old and loves watching his dad playing in the field. There is also a video of the Jr. singing and cheering for his dad before his game that went viral.



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