Rebecca Villalobos Net Worth – $10 Million

Rebecca Villalobos net worth is between $10 Million. She is a former model but better known as the wife of David Justice.

Rebecca Villalobos Biography

Who is Rebecca Villalobos

Rebecca Villalobos is from Los Angeles, California. Rebecca’s parents are Dennis and Espranza Villalobos. She was born on February 26, 1973.


Rebecca Villalobos has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University Northridge.

Rebecca Villalobos Profession

Her current career is teaching fashion design at a vocational high school in Los Angeles, California.

She’s also worked as a model, endorsing perfumes, makeup, and cosmetics.

This stunning model was on the covers of Elle Magazine (2010), Nylon Magazine (2011), Esquire Magazine (2012), and Z magazine (2013). Her husband is a former football player.

In 2017, the couple renewed their vows in Mexico.

Rebecca and David own the production company 2Night Entertainment. They produced the movie Who is Leo. She also has her own clothing line called Hot Wives.

According to Rebecca’ website, she also owns a Jewellery brand called House of Sacred Flame.

Her parents both have a history of entrepreneurship.

Her mother is an entrepreneur in the interior design and gardening industry and her father owns his own pest control company. He later graduated from the University of Southern California Law School.

He currently works as a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas.

Rebecca Villalobos Family

Rebecca Villalobos married David Justice in a summer outdoor ceremony in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 8, 2017. Rebecca and David have three children together. Their first child born was born in February 2017.

Rebecca Villalobos Net Worth

Rebecca Villalobos net worth is estimated to be $10 Million, she has modeled for Neiman Marcus, Guess, Gap and more. In 2004, her husband David Justice started making online videos in an attempt to break into the social media industry. After four years, the duo joined the platform MySpace and developed a loyal following. David Justice was one of the founders of Farah Faucets.


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