Stephen Curry is a household name when it comes to Basketball; the Golden State Warriors star is regarded as one of the best shooters in the NBA history according to the famous pundits and analysts. On the other hand, his wife, Ayesha Disa Alexander, known as Ayesha Curry after marriage is herself a TV celebrity, actress, author of Canadian Origin.  Born and bred in Canada until 14, Ayesha carries ion the dual nationality as she along with family relocated to America.  The famous WAG of the NBA star stepped up in the cooking profession without any professional training and just within no time she went on becoming an instant hit. Who is Stephen Curry Wife? Know all about her below.

Ayesha Curry: Who is Stephen Curry Wife? Family, Children & Facts

Ayesha Curry: Who is Stephen Curry Wife? Family, Children & Facts

Stephen Curry Wife Name: Ayesha Curry
Stephen Curry Wife Age: March 23, 1989, Age 29
Stephen Curry Wife Nationality: Dual National: Canadian, American
Stephen Curry Wife Ethnicity: Her mother is of Afro-Jamaican and Chinese Jamaican descent. Her father is of African American and mixed Polish descent.
Stephen Curry Wife Occupation: Television Celebrity, Author, Actor, Cooking Professional

Stephen Curry Wife Wiki

The 29-years old wife of Stephen Curry knows how to be in the limelight and that for positive.  Ayesha Curry, who is primarily known as a TV celebrity is a multitalented being, who have fledged her hands in the fields like acting, writing and cooking professional field as well. It’s been around 6-7 years since this high-profile marriage took place; since then the couple seems to be thoroughly enjoying each other. It should be noted here that both of them work out as a helping hand or either a crazy supporter so they could reach new heights in their respective fields.

Stephen Curry Wife Early Life

Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry is one of the four children born to the parents, Carol Alexander and John.  She spent 14 years of her early life in Toronto, Canada and later find home in America as her parents relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, America.  Becoming a professional chef or to make name for herself in the cooking field was one of the first priorities of the gorgeous lady, who later found a place for herself in Television and films.

Ayesha Curry: Who is Stephen Curry Wife? Family, Children & Facts

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry, 30 and Ayesha Curry 29 are one the perfect NBA couple and apart from the love envy is all there for them also. But does it affect the couple as they know each other for more than half of their lives and the understanding they carry on with is just remarkable? The couple first met in a Church, Stephen was 15 at the time and Ayesha was only 14. Since they first most, Stephen-Ayesha have been there around as friends at first; and later things developed.

Stephen Curry Wedding

Finally, it was July 2011, with the Warrior star upgraded his relation her longtime girlfriend, Ayesha Curry. This year the couple marked their 6th Anniversary with whole-enthusiasm. It should be noted here that the ace Basketball star took it to social media express her gratitude and love for the perfect six years to Ayesha Curry. “My woman! My life! My everything! “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22 Thank you for making me a better person each and every day! I love you. Happy Anniversary baby…#six”  Stephen Curry wrote on Instagram.

Stephen Curry Wife and Baby

With their 6 years of togetherness, the couple is blessed with two daughters, Riley Elizabeth ( July 19, 2012) and Ryan Carson (July 10, 2015). What’s more to it is the TV personality gave her Stephen fans news to cheer in April 2018 with telling that she is pregnant for the third time.

Ayesha Curry: Who is Stephen Curry Wife? Family, Children & Facts

Stephen Curry wife Ayesha Curry Career

The girl born and raised up in Canada had the dream too big in the cooking profession but nature had different plans for her in the first place. Only at age 12, she featured in the music video ‘Too Young for Love’  by Suga Prince. Later on, she donned hat as a full-time professional actress, who is now accredited for films like Underground Street Flippers (2009), Dan’s Detour of Life (2008), Love for Sale (2008). Upon her husband’s insistence, she went on becoming a  cooking and lifestyle video presenter through her YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine. Up next with popularity of this show, she went on taking it to next level with making it feature on Food Network.  Moreover, she also wrote a cookbook The Seasoned Life in 2016.

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