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Success is a very tricky concept as it is very hard to generalize the cause of it, yet it is so important for us to pursue by any means. Success of person in one walk of life means his absolute domination over the skill set required to achieve a position at which every competitor knows that you’re the best. The society’s norms vary from time to time as the culture changes, but in our times success is pretty much defined by your capital in your competitive market. The success of a person in the business world is measured by his net worth as it includes the entirety of the financial assets that he owns. So it very important to know the Net worth of the person you look up to and aspire to be one day. Steven Seagal used to be and somewhat still is a heroic symbol for many little boys who want to grow up and be like him. So for these lucky fans, we have gathered all the details on Steven Seagal Net Worth.

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

Who is Steven Seagal?

Steven Frederic Seagal is a famous American actor, martial artist, producer, director, screen writer and a musician. Seagal was born on 10 April 1952 in Lansing, Michigan. His mother’s name was Patricia who worked as a medical technician in a local hospital. Steven’s father was Samuel Seagal and he was a math teacher in the local high school. The skilled martial artist is the 7th Dan Black Belt champion in Aikido and even began his journey by opening a dojo in Japan. He later moved to Los Angeles, California and entered the Hollywood scene as a stunt coordinator and martial arts director before debuting as an actor in the 1988 film Above the Law. He became an action star in no time with his skills and was kind of a big name in the 90s. Steven Seagal has also taught many people how to properly fight in Aikido style and many of his pupils have went ahead to become famous martial artists, famous stunt men and some have even become successful actors in the Hollywood industry.

Steven Seagal Martial Arts Career

Seagal left America and went to Japan to master the martial art of Aikido in the early 70s. Seagal claims to be one of the disciples of the great master Morihei Uyeshiba who founded Aikido. But his claims have been proven wrong by Terry Dobson who actually trained under the master from 1961 to 1969 and also the fact that Uyeshiba had already died in 1969 before the arrival of Seagal in Japan. But however he learnt Aikido, Steven Seagal reportedly became the first non-asian to open up a dojo in Japan which didn’t really work out well. He came back to California and opened up his own Dojo to train actors and professional stunt men. Steven Seagal met a second-degree black-belt named Miyako Fujitani in California. She was the daughter of an Aikido master from Osaka who came to California to teach Aikido. Seagal married Miyako and moved to Japan with his new wife to teach Aikido in the Dojo run by her family with Seagal’s mother-in-law acting as the chairwomen of the institution.

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

Steven Seagal moved to Taos, New Mexico and opened up another Dojo there with his student named Craig Dunn. Steven kept himself busy pursuing other business ventures which didn’t really workout and due to the lack of dedication on his part, Craig ended all business with him. Seagal went back to Japan for a few months and then returned to North Hollywood, California with another student from Japan named Haruo Matsuoka. They opened up another dojo in the West Hollywood but this time Seagal left Matsuoka in charge which was a really good decision as Matsuoka was a really talented and skillful master by the time. Steven Seagal Net Worth was nothing much at the time. Matsuoka and Seagal parted ways in 1997 when Seagal started working as an action advisor and stunt choreographer and later became an actor himself.

Steven Seagal Hollywood Career

Steven Seagal got his first role in a film when a former Aikido student named Michael Ovitz took Seagal to Warner Brothers as a favor and he put up an Aikido demonstration for them. Warner Bros were impressed by his moves and they offered him various scripts. Steven refused to act on all of them and offered to write one of his own to which Warner Bros agreed and Above The Law came out starring Steven Seagal for the first time. He was perfect for the role of a action hero and public loved him as his action was natural and real. He stared in Hard to Kill, Marked for Death and Out for Justice. The real big title in his career Under Siege came out in 1992 and became a block buster grossing $156.4 million dollars internationally. Steven Seagal Net Worth began to grow with his action movies selling thousands of copies around the world.

Steven Seagal also hosted one episode of the Saturday Night Live but was titled as the “Biggest Jerk who’s ever been on the show” due to his ego issues and ill treatment of the cast. He exclusive threatened script writers any punch lines and jokes that seemed to undermine his authority. Seagal wanted to look like the unbeatable guy from his movies in his real life which didn’t really set well with a show focused on making spoofs. He was never called again. Seagal started behaving like an egomaniac and due to his bad reputation, his later films that did little business. It includes On Deadly Ground, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, The Glimmer Man, Execution Decision and Fire Down Below. Since the end of his contract with Warner Bros, he has been making and releasing films but none of them have been considered by the critics causing a huge downfall in Steven Seagal Net Worth.


Steven Seagal Enterprise

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

The skilled actor started the company in 2005 and marketed his own energy drink under the name Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt. But it didn’t work out and it was discontinued causing a huge harm to Steven Seagal’s Net Worth. He also marketed an aftershave called Scent of Action along with a range of metal weapons and knives. He joined hands with a Russian arms manufacturer called ORSIS in 2013 and set on to make a signature long range rifle called ORSIS by Steven Seagal which isn’t such a good move as the gun problem in America has caused so much school shootings and terror attacks.

Steven Seagal Net Worth

The talented American actor rose to fame as an action film star in the 1990s and dominated the action film scene for a few years. But then he made a number of mistakes and wrong decisions in both his professional and personal life causing a lot of harm to his reputation. He further lost any respect in the industry with a number of sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations against under age teenage girls which brought Steven Seagal Net Worth to a minimum. Even thought the allegations have not been proven yet, his reputation has fallen off a cliff after a series of statements by young women. Steven Seagal Net Worth is $16 million dollars as of 2018.

Steven Seagal House

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

  • Seagal Scottsdale House

Our taste in life is often reflected by the way we live in our house and the way we design them. The action star Steven Seagal owns a luxurious house in Scottsdale, AZ that is just as big as his name in the Hollywood industry and martial arts. The house features a living space of 8,450 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5 full and 2 half bathrooms. Steven bought this luxurious house in 2010 and it is now worth $3.5 million dollars on the real estate market.

  • Steven Seagal Cattle Ranch

The legendary martial artist also owns a massive ranch property in Shasta Valley, California. It is a huge piece of land spread across 5,640 acres with six lakes and working barns and corrals. The massive property is a working cattle ranch with a mix of greenery of irrigated meadows and wild wooded uplands along with several rock formations. It offers a spectacular view of Mount Shasta. The property secures a log home with a living space of 14,000 square feet and a second home with the living space of 4,200 square feet. This property also features a big guest house. The property is worth $12 million dollars and is publically known as the Lava Lake Nature Preserve.

Steven Seagal Cars

Steven Seagal Net worth, Bio, House, Cars, Salary, Business & More

The car that a celebrity chooses to travel around should match up to his style and persona as the car is the ultimate status symbol. The martial artist turned action star owns a black Ford F-150 which he bought back in 2012. Steven Seagal loves to ride his full size pickup truck and cruise around the town. The car is worth $34,887 USD on the market.



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